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8 Best protein powders to recommend and use

Once thought of as a supplement only for bodybuilders, protein powders are now gaining popularity among the growing number of people who love to work out, replenishing their protein and improving their health at the same time. In fact, the potential benefits of protein powder extend far beyond the gym. Studies have shown that this superstar supplement is more than helpful in everything from improving skin health to boosting the immune system. Produced from both plant and animal sources, protein powders are now available in many types and can be adapted to suit any diet plan, taste or personal preference. So, what are the best protein powders and how do they affect your health? Let's break it down. What is a protein powder? Rotein powder is a common supplement that provides concentrated dietary protein from both plant and animal sources. Popular protein powders on the market today include whey, casein, hemp and bone broth protein powders. Most people take protein powders to increase muscle mass and maximise fat burning, but for those who may struggle to meet their needs, such as vegetarians or the elderly, protein powders can also be an effective way to increase protein intake.

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The effects of collagen and collagen peptides on the body

The effects of collagen and collagen peptides on the body Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, especially type 1 collagen. It is found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. The benefits of collagen are very compelling; this protein gives our skin strength and elasticity, while also improving the regeneration of dead skin cells. When it comes to our joints and tendons, it is is the kind of "glue" that helps the body hold itself together. As we age, our body's collagen production naturally begins to slow down. We can feel the signs of aging that come with this degenerative process, such as wrinkles, sagging skin and joint pain due to weakened or diminished cartilage. In addition other poor lifestyles - such as high sugar diets, smoking and high sun exposure - also deplete the body of collagen. Collagen deficiency due to genetic defects has been found to be one of the most common causes of disease, inadequate intake of collagen-rich foods, and nutritional deficiencies that affect the synthesis of collagen in the body. But thankfully, collagen supplementation can help the body make up for the deficiency. There is a lot

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What Is Pea Protein Powder Nutritional Benefits?

What Is Pea Protein Powder? Pea protein powder is a protein supplement extracted from peas. Although the extract is rich in amino acids and iron, it is the preferred protein choice because it is vegan and naturally hypoallergenic (not likely to cause allergic reactions). As a result, interest in this extract has soared because it is now the preferred protein content to add to post-workout milkshakes and smoothies. In some parts, the powder is often referred to as pea protein isolate. However, the isolate is only one of the three main forms of pea protein powder after processing. Other forms include concentration and texture. Isolate The isolate boasts the highest concentration of protein. This is primarily because the protein has been extracted from other compounds that are natural parts of the pea. Concentrate The concentrate also contains a high level of protein but with a mixture of other compounds. When compared to the isolate, the concentrate only offers a lower concentration of protein. Textured Pea protein powder in textured form is vegetarian and often used as food. For example, it is a common meat supplement. Regardless of the form of pea protein powder, it is still

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Top-7 Best Pea Protein Powder

Top-7 Best Pea Protein Powder To help you choose the High-quality Pea Protein Powder, we divide the products into different groups according to their uses. According to the application, we divide the best Pea Protein Powder into seven kinds. Please note that our classification and selection are based on in-depth research rather than experimentation. 1. Naked Pea’s Unflavored Pea Protein Powder - Best Single-Ingredient This product from Naked Pea only containsPea Protein. It is one of the few Protein Powders that can maintain its natural form and provide the highest quality nutrition. Naked pea is a vegan powder that does not contain artificial flavors and soy sweeteners. If you are prone to allergies, it is the perfect choice. Every serving contains 27g of protein, 5.7g of branched-chain amino acids, 120 calories, and 2g of sugar. 2. Hydropea Organic Pea Powder - Best Organic Hydropea Protein is an organic powder made entirely from raw yellow peas. It is a pure, smooth, super soluble, and pure natural product that does not use chemicals or artificial ingredients to extract. Hydropea is free of dairy and gluten. No wonder it’s considered the best Organic Pea Protein Powder!

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Zxchem’s E-commerce Operations Department was Established – Starting “Two-Way Drive”

Zxchem's E-commerce Operations Department was Established - Starting "Two-Way Drive" Zammex Zxchem's E-commerce Operation Department was formally established to help expand the online sales channels of North American Collagen series products, and also take an important step towards the realization of Zxchem's "Two-Way Drive"! The newly established E-commerce Operation Department mainly operated Zammex's online business on Amazon International Station in the early stage. The diversified protein series products, including Zammex and Hydropea brands, complement Zxchem's resource advantages from raw materials to production and processing to export, creating a "Two-Way Drive" industrial chain of Health and Nutrition products. Who are we? Zammex origin story Zammex Nutrition takes "Make Health Simple" as its development vision. Over the years, they have provided high-quality raw materials for sports nutrition and health care brands. With a keen sense of the market, the founders of Zammex have been trying to extend the industry chain downward and have captured the opportunity to realize this vision. One of the pillars supporting Zammex is "Purity" Pure, high-quality ingredients, nothing else. The earth itself provides mankind with everything needed to achieve optimal health. Whether from plants or animals, all Zammex products come from

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Would you like to try the increasingly popular Pea Protein?

Would you like to try the increasingly popular Pea Protein? It seems that the protein powder industry is not chaotic enough-pea protein is here. Yes, the mushy balls that your mother asked you to eat when you were young do contain protein (actually about 10 grams per cup) However, with all the protein powder options — whey, casein, soy, rice, hemp — lined up on the health food shelf, why should you buy peas? What’s the Difference? Sharon Palmer of RDN, author of Plant-Powered for Life, explained that, first of all, pea protein does not contain dairy products. This is important for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant or sensitive. But for others, pea protein can also help provide the protein quality you need to help your muscles recover after exercise. Pea protein is a complete protein, which means it contains all nine essential amino acids—including branched chain amino acids (BCAA)—you need to consume these amino acids to build muscle effectively, Palmer said. Many other plant-based options, such as rice, are not the case. How does pea protein compare to whey? Calculated by Marie Spano, RD, and CSCS, sports nutritionists of the Atlanta

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Collagen vs Collagen Peptides: What’s the Difference?

Collagen vs Collagen Peptides: What's the Difference? For collagen and collagen peptides that belong to the same protein, collagen is a macromolecular fibrous hard protein, but collagen peptide is a small molecule polypeptide formed after collagen is treated with artificial protease. This is why collagen and collagen peptides are made of the same amino acids but have different properties. What is Collagen? Collagen is the most common protein in mammals and the main extracellular protein in the body. It accounts for about 1/4 of all protein in the body. It is mainly found in fibrous tissues-such as skin, ligaments, tendons, etc. Its concentration is different in different tissues of the body. Approximately 23% of the collagen is contained in the skull, 50% in the cartilage, 64% in the cornea, and 74% in the skin. Collagen is a simple peptide composed of a long helical peptide chain, containing 19 to 105 amino acids, including proline, glycine, hydroxyproline, and hydroxylysine. The molecular weight of collagen is about 300-400kDa. It is insoluble and cannot be absorbed or digested. Collagen is a strong, non-stretchable protein with strong stretch resistance. Together with soft keratin, it provides skin elasticity and strength. Collagen

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Plant Protein vs Animal Protein 

Plant Protein  vs  Animal Protein  It is often said that animal protein powder is better than plant protein powder, because animal protein powder contains more essential amino acids, especially leucine, an amino acid that initiates protein synthesis, so it is better for muscle building. But nowadays, more and more vegetarians, or like me, cannot drink the common whey protein on the market because they are intolerant to lactose and have diarrhea after drinking protein powder. So today we will take a look. For vegetarians and lactose intolerant people, can plant protein powder help achieve the same muscle-building effect? Plant Protein vs Animal Protein There are three most common vegetable protein powders: Soy Protein, Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein. Soy Protein The amino acid content of soy protein, except leucine, is not worse than whey protein or casein, as shown in the figure. We know that leucine is the most important amino acid for muscle gain because it can directly stimulate protein synthesis. And if we just look at some short-term studies (that is, look at the changes brought about by the protein within a period of time after it enters the body),

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Pea Protein Peptides – Probiotics in Plant Peptides

Pea Protein Peptides - Probiotics in Plant Peptides Real food ingredients matter to you. And us, too. About Pea Peptide Pea Peptides are long chains of amino acids, which form part of the pea protein. When proteins are broken up into peptides in the body, they play an essential role in your overall health, functioning as “messengers” to communicate to your cells how to function. In skin care products, when formulated correctly and protected from degrading, peptides can have the same function. Pisum sativum is more commonly known as the garden pea, and its peptide is growing in popularity as a hair and skin care ingredient. However, its popularity and effectiveness as part of a hair care formulation appears to be stronger at this stage. This is especially true as a trend towards anti-aging for the hair becomes increasingly important. Structural Features Pea peptide can not only provide nutrients needed for human growth, but also has good indicators and functional properties. After experiments, the researchers found that pea peptides have better solubility, water retention, oil absorption, foaming, emulsification and gelation than pea proteins. It also demonstrated the influence of several factors, which provided a

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In 2020, Thailand imported 12,000 tons of Health & Nutrition, unexpectedly 40% of which came from China!

In 2020, Thailand imported 12,000 tons of Health & Nutrition, unexpectedly 40% of which came from China! Export: Do business with the whole world Stabilize and improve foreign trade, narrowing the export surplus. As the world's largest exporter, China is still benefit from strong growth in global market and domestic demand. According to the news from Thai media on May 20, the Thai Ministry of Commerce stated that global consumers are paying more attention to health after the emergence of COVID-19, which has led to a huge increase in the demand for health foods and vitamins. It is recommended that Thai companies make full use of the advantages of herbal origin and planting many natural raw materials to produce and process health foods that meet market needs. Due to the impact of COVID-19, consumers are paying more attention to their own health. In addition, the increase number of elderly people has also led to a continuous and substantial increase in the consumption of health foods and vitamins in the world today, so as to improve their own immunity. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for Thai health food manufacturers to make full use of

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