202, 2023

“Chinese Fu” Writing Activity

2月 2nd, 2023|Company News, News|

"Chinese Fu" Writing Activity The Year of the Rabbit is coming! Everything is fresh again. On January 17th, all the staff of ZXCHEM GROUP held a "Fu" writing activity in the conference room to welcome the Year of Rabbit! "Fu" symbolizes luck, is full of blessing of

202, 2023

2022 ZXCHEM Year-end Gala Celebration

2月 2nd, 2023|Company News, News|

2022 ZXCHEM Year-end Gala Celebration Time flies, we have experienced a remarkable 2022 together. Under the struggle of all the ZXCHEM member, 2023 opened a good start. On January 15, "Brave and Forge Ahead · 2022 ZXCHEM Year-end Gala" was successfully held in Shanghai. At the end of

212, 2022

Nanhuang Ancient Road Walking Tour

12月 2nd, 2022|Company News, News|

Nanhuang Ancient Road Walking Tour Nanhuang Ancient Road is a connection for people of two kingdoms, Nanhuang Ancient Road is located entirely in Zhejiang Province and established by ancient merchants for the purpose of trade. It begins from Qianyang Village of Tiantai County and reaches Dafan Village of Linhai

1808, 2022

Team building back to nature

8月 18th, 2022|Company News, News|

Team building back to nature After a long winter of the epidemic, there is a lot of negative energy filled with enterprises and individuals, hitting people's mentality, so healthy life has become the primary goal. The market situation is unsatisfactory, a large number of enterprises closed down, the

206, 2022

Children’s Day 2022

6月 2nd, 2022|Company News|

Isolating the Virus, But not Love The sun hard sow warm. The clouds want to taste sweet candy. The giraffe wanted to see the beautiful scenery but the neck was not long enough. Like you because too memorable. The stars are very bright spread all over the sky.

Industry News

2309, 2022

8 Best protein powders to recommend and use

9月 23rd, 2022|Market News, News|

Once thought of as a supplement only for bodybuilders, protein powders are now gaining popularity among the growing number of people who love to work out, replenishing their protein and improving their health at the same time. In fact, the potential benefits of protein powder extend far beyond

312, 2021

What Is Pea Protein Powder Nutritional Benefits?

12月 3rd, 2021|Market News|

What Is Pea Protein Powder? Pea protein powder is a protein supplement extracted from peas. Although the extract is rich in amino acids and iron, it is the preferred protein choice because it is vegan and naturally hypoallergenic (not likely to cause allergic reactions). As a result, interest in