Vital Wheat Gluten


Vital Wheat Gluten Cas No: 11078-31-2 is also known as active gluten powder. Its protein content is more than 80%, and its amino acid composition is relatively complete. It is a nutrient-rich, high-quality and inexpensive plant-based protein source. Gluten is mainly composed of gliadin with small molecular weight, spherical shape and good extensibility, and gluten with large molecular weight, fibrous shape and strong elasticity. When gluten absorbs water, it forms wet gluten with a network structure, which has good viscoelasticity, extensibility, heat coagulation, emulsification, and film formability, such as gluten, roasted bran, mold bran, and ancient in traditional products. Meat, vegetarian sausage, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian duck, oily gluten, etc., are simple applications of the above characteristics. ZXCHEM GROUP

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