A Spring Rendezvous | ZXCHEM Team Building Adventure in Xinchang

ZXCHEM Team Building

In March, the outdoor is mild with a gentle breeze and not intense sunlight. Trees and flowers compete to bloom. Stepping outside, you can feel the charm of teamwork and the rhythm of spring.

Spring team building needs to have cherry blossoms, canola flowers, sunshine, and waterfalls, these are the most romantic decorations for the trip.

Review the beautiful landscape of Xinchang

Followed the path to find Feilong Waterfall, which, unlike the abundant water in summer, was incredibly lovely and full of hope.

If describe Xinchang’s scenic spots in writing, the Nineteen Peaks would be a collection of stories, and the Anshan Ancient Road would be a beautiful and unique prose poem.

It’s located in Jingling Township, Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, the ancient road runs along the Panxi Stream for 6 kilometers from Anshan Village. The road is flanked by overlapping peaks, ancient trees, and a leisurely stream. The unique Danxia landform has created a colorful natural landscape, narrating its poetic sentiment.

From the first step on the ancient Anshan trail, it feels like stepping into a painting, with alternating green stone steps and mountain paths. Unlike visiting a tourist attraction, hiking the Anshan trail is full of unknowns but engraved with poetic beauty along the way.

Unfortunately, after the construction of the Jingling Reservoir, the Anshan trail will be submerged forever, disappearing from the world. The stunning ancient trail we are currently walking on will become history.

The creek cascades through the gorge, and nestled among the green mountains is a stone arch bridge called the “Golden Lock Bridge,” built in 1928. Clear streams flow beneath it, reflecting the continuous green mountains, locking in the lushness of the mountains and the clarity of the water. The bridge also locks in the beauty and fantasy of the Anshan trail for nearly a century.

Springtime hiking and exploration lead to the pursuit of all things, and it is hoped that friends will join hands with the spirit of springtime to look forward to a promising future.