ZXCHEM at Natural Products Expo West 2024: Leading the Charge in Protein Innovation

We are excited to announce that ZXCHEM will once again grace the Natural Products Expo West, the leading event for the natural, organic, and healthy products industry, taking place in Anaheim, California in 2024.

2024-Natural Products Expo West 2024-ZXCHEM-PROTEIN

The Natural Products Expo West stands at the forefront of innovation, showcasing a wide array of products that span across food, beverage, supplements, health, and beauty. It is an essential event for those looking to stay ahead of the curve in the evolving landscape of natural and organic products.

A Look Back at 2023


Building on our successful participation in 2023, ZXCHEM is excited to return with our latest advances in animal and plant proteins. In 2023, our commitment to sustainability and quality was met with enthusiasm, confirming our commitment to leading nutrition innovation.

What’s New in 2024

ZXCHEM is proud to announce our 2024 lineup, featuring ground breaking advancements in both animal and plant-based proteins, complemented by the logistical advantage of our self-operated warehouse in the USA for prompt distribution.


High-Nutritional-Value Animal Proteins: Rich in Amino Acids

Learn more about the benefits of animal protein products like ZXCHEM’s marine and bovine collagen. Rich in amino acids, these proteins are great for strengthening skin, joints and overall vitality, making them a top choice for best-in-class nutrition.

2024-Natural Products Expo West 2024-ZXCHEM-PROTEIN

Pea Protein peptides Breakthroughs: Bitter-Free and low sodium

We have launched an innovative range of bitter-free peptides, specifically designed for the fitness community, that are not only delicious but also feature low sodium content. This breakthrough represents our commitment to enhancing the consumer experience by making plant-based proteins more appealing and healthier, emphasizing the key benefits of taste without bitterness and minimal sodium intake

Join us at Natural Products Expo West 2024 Booth 3563

Location: Anaheim, USA

Exhibition date: March 14-March 16, 2024

Booth number: 3563

We invite you to join us at Natural Products Expo West 2024 to witness the cutting-edge of natural and healthy products. Visit the ZXCHEM booth to discover how our protein solutions are setting the stage for a healthier, more sustainable future.

To Know More Information

ZXCHEM is not just about discussing products; it is about sharing our ideas. We are passionate about nurturing relationships within the industry. We look forward to working with peers, experts and potential collaborators to share knowledge, discuss challenges and identify opportunities for collective growth in the natural products field.

For more information please contact:

E-mail: wade@zxchemusa.com
Phone: 732-529-6352

Meet us in Anaheim – let’s explore the possibilities together.