Will being vegetarian become a Muscular Behemoth?

Yes, you have always underestimated Pea Protein!

Plant Diet = Something New?

Whey Protein allergies? But it is not realistic for fitness people to give up protein.

What about Plant Protein? Someing about it.

Attention, please!

Irreplaceable Protein

01 Why do we need protein supplements?

In our body, water accounts for 60%, fat accounts for about 20%, protein accounts for 16%, and carbohydrates account for 2%. From this we can see the importance of protein to the human.

Of course, the protein in the body of fitness people will be higher even than fat.

When protein enters the body, it will be broken down into amino acids and then form the muscles. This is why people who exercise need to supplement protein.

In addition to eating, protein is also responsible for many functions of the body, including:

>>Body Metabolism

>>Transport Oxygen and Nutrients

>>Improve the Immune System

>>Adjust PH, etc.

Our bodies need different amino acids, but some of them can only be taken in by diet.

Therefore, if you want to survive, you must get protein from your diet.

02 How much protein do you want to eat every day?

According to the weight of each person

Protein recommendation: 0.8-1.5 g/kg per day.

If you have been exercising for a long time but your muscles have not grown, may be that you have not eaten enough protein.

Other way, the amino acids are not comprehensive and cannot achieve the effect of muscle gain.

Numerous Plant Protein, which one should we choose?

01 Soy Protein

As a complete protein, Soy Protein has a relatively complete variety of amino acids, but the content of branched chain amino acids is scant. However, Soy Protein has a large amount of arginine and glutamine, which has a positive effect on anabolism and can also stimulate muscle formation. In theory, soybean yield is high, and protein content can reach about 40%, which should be more popular than Whey Protein. Compared with other Plant Proteins, Soy Protein is also a fairly complete source of protein.

Why has Soy Protein not become a hot spot in the market? Even many products that claim to be safe are labeled “soy free”.

The causes of this phenomenon are various:

1. Western genetically modified soybeans are unpopular

For example, 94% of soybeans grown in North America are genetically modified, but consumers do not trust genetically modified products in public opinion.

2. Many adverse reactions

Compared with Asian, there are more soybean allergies in European. And the reactions of stomach distension and indigestion are particularly strong. Coupled with the risk of acne, there is no advantage over Whey Protein.

3. Cause thyroid problems

Many studies in the West believe that high-dose soy isoflavone supplementation may disrupt the secretion of estrogen and testosterone, and cause thyroid problems.

02 Pea Protein

pea protein powder

Compared with Soy Protein, Pea Protein is more common in the European and American supplement industry because of the hypoallergenic food.

The biggest benefit of Pea Protein is the highest branched chain amino acid (BCAA) in plant protein, which gives it a good muscle-building effect.

In 2015, a 12 week randomized double-blind experiment showed that the muscle-building effect of Pea Protein does not lose Whey Protein.

From left to right: Pea Protein, Whey Protein, Placebo Group

Pea Protein has an additional advantage: a strong feeling of fullness. Pea Protein can indirectly suppress the hunger signal of the stomach, so it is also very friendly to people who lose weight.

All in All

Scientific research shows that Plant Diets are beneficial to health and help prevent various diseases. Therefore, lots of people have begun to try Plant Diets. Such as vegetarians can be healthy if they take in complete and balanced nutrition. Therefore, you need to always pay attention to whether the food you eat is nutritious.Such as Protein. Many people compare high-quality protein with meat, but ignore those plants that can provide enough protein for the body. Pea Protein is a high grade protein.

High-quality Pea Protein are suitable for vegetarian food, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) for muscle building without the risk of allergies. Pea is a high-quality protein used in many nutritional supplements, which mainly to improve endurance, increase muscle and help lose weight.

Finally, About Selecting Proteins:

If you are #vegetarian, Pea Protein is recommended~~