Team building back to nature

After a long winter of the epidemic, there is a lot of negative energy filled with enterprises and individuals, hitting people’s mentality, so healthy life has become the primary goal.

The market situation is unsatisfactory, a large number of enterprises closed down, the disappearance of characteristic shops, for individuals also invisible increased the sense of anxiety.

Although facing the scorching heat in August, ZXCHEM still organized this Lin ‘an trip. Lin ‘an is located in the west of Hangzhou, surrounded by mountains on three sides. It is a “natural oxygen bar” with cool mountains and rivers, and also a perfect place to escape the heat in hot summer.

August is the best season to play with water, rafting especially let a person feel well, this time preparing for Longjing Gorge rafting Lin ‘an. While drifting, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, which can be regarded as the most refreshing and relaxing way to relieve the heat. Longjing Gorge rafting length of 3 kilometers, head and tail drop up to 128 meters! When you arrive at the gentle area, you will be greeted by the “mutual harm” of the water fight. Water gun must be prepared in advance! We can’t lose! Pick up your weapons, high summer!

The natural environment of the countryside, authentic food, the farmhouse with fire stink, and the temperature homestay, in here, you can return to the real life and heal your body and mind.The afternoon water playing had already made everyone feel hungry. When we returned to the hotel on the top of the mountain, we saw a whole roast lamb on the terrace, golden brown and fragrant. At the first sight of the mutton being roasted sizzling and smoking, the saliva immediately flowed! Food is the local natural growth of special products for the raw materials cooked delicacies dishes, after drinking and eating, we again impromptu singing.

Team building is also the relaxing, and establishing a new collective way of life.The partners who can continue to move forward together after the epidemic deserve to inject fresh creativity and vitality into the team through “team building back to nature”. Forging ahead, we will also paint a broader blue sky and dream in the future.