Exploring the Versatile Realm of Industrial Gelatin: A Comprehensive Overview

Your Content Goes Here Industrial gelatin stands as a meticulously refined chemical product, categorized into diverse types tailored to specific applications. These include skin gelatin, bone gelatin, and specialized variants such as hot-soluble powder, protein-specific adhesive, feed-specific adhesive, and match-specific adhesive. Presenting as light yellow or brownish granules with no discernible odor and no visible impurities to the naked eye, industrial gelatin is characterized by its ideal protein source attributes. With a molecular weight ranging from 10,000-100,000, it encompasses 18 amino acids and maintains a protein content surpassing 82%, while keeping water and inorganic salt content below 16%. Product Features High Purity: The light yellow or brownish granules, coupled with rigorous processing, ensure industrial gelatin achieves high purity. This meticulous approach results in a product devoid of odor and visible impurities. Ideal Protein Source: Boasting abundant protein content consisting of 18 amino acids, industrial gelatin serves as an exemplary foundation for a myriad of industrial applications, with a protein content surpassing 82%. Broad Molecular Weight Range: The molecular weight of industrial gelatin spans from 10,000-100,000, catering to the diverse needs of various industries and offering heightened flexibility in production processes. Main Applications: