Plant Protein vs Animal Protein 

Plant Protein  vs  Animal Protein  It is often said that animal protein powder is better than plant protein powder, because animal protein powder contains more essential amino acids, especially leucine, an amino acid that initiates protein synthesis, so it is better for muscle building. But nowadays, more and more vegetarians, or like me, cannot drink the common whey protein on the market because they are intolerant to lactose and have diarrhea after drinking protein powder. So today we will take a look. For vegetarians and lactose intolerant people, can plant protein powder help achieve the same muscle-building effect? Plant Protein vs Animal Protein There are three most common vegetable protein powders: Soy Protein, Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein. Soy Protein The amino acid content of soy protein, except leucine, is not worse than whey protein or casein, as shown in the figure. We know that leucine is the most important amino acid for muscle gain because it can directly stimulate protein synthesis. And if we just look at some short-term studies (that is, look at the changes brought about by the protein within a period of time after it enters the body),