Hulled Hemp protein

Hulled Hemp Protein

AppearanceOff-white powder
Particle Size>95% through 100 mesh
Ash %10±0.25
Fat %2±0.05
Moisture %7±1
Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)≤2 (LOD 0.2ppm) / ND (LOD 4ppm)
Nutritional Data(calculated on spec)
Nutritional value per 100g product KJ/399 Kcal1549
Protein g/100g>70
Carbohydrates g/100g2±0.5
Heavy Metal
Hg ¡Ümg/kg0.2
Cadmium ¡Ümg/kg0.1
As ¡Ümg/kg0.1
Pb ¡Ümg/kg0.2
Mold &Yeast (CFU/g)≤100000
Salmonella (CFU/g)Not detected
Total Plate Count (CFU/g)≤1000
Coliform (CFU/g)≤1000
Package20kg/drum (or 10kg/bag, 2 bags/carton)
StorageConditionStore in cool dark and dry place (£¼15¡æ).
Shelf LifeIn case of intact package and up to the above storage requirement, the valid period is 2 years.