Hesperidin-Cas No: 520-26-3


  • Storage: in a dark and dry place

  • Packing: 25kg/Fiber Drum

  • Origin: China

  • Shelf life: 2years

  • TDS Download
Assay (by HPLC)80%
AppearanceFine Light yellow to brown yellow powder
Particle Size99% pass 80 mesh
Loss on drying≦5.0%
Sulphated Ash≦0.5%
Shelf life2 years when properly stored
Package25kg/Fiber Drum with double plastic container inside
Assay (by HPLC)80%


Hesperidin is a plant chemical that is classified as a “bioflavonoid.” It is found primarily in citrus fruits. People use it as medicine.Hesperidin alone, or in combination with other citrus bioflavonoids (diosmin, for example), is most commonly used for blood vessel conditions such as hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and poor circulation (venous stasis).


  1. It has remarkable function of anti-inflammation and antioxidant.
  2. It has significant regulation and inhibition function of cardiovascular protection and reducing blood lipid.
  3. It can well avoid canceration and inhibit cancer cell proliferation and has anti-tumor and anti-cancer effect.
  4. It can reduce toxicity damage of nervous excitability and play a role in protecting the nervous system.
  5. It has a great role in promoting the p-glycoprotein mediated drug flowing from tumor cells.6. Anti-virus and accommodate immunity, inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Micrococcus catarrhalis, Bacillus coli, aeruginosus Bacillus, have better inhibit action with Orphan virus, Fever blisters virus, enteric virus and Kesaqi virus.

Hesperidin manufacturer

Q:What’s the Minimum Order Quantity?
A: 25KG.

Q: How to Get Sample of copper collector?
A: Sample within 500g could be sent for free once buyer’s DHL account is advised for freight collect or courier cost is paid. The courier cost could be deducted when bulk order is placed.

Q: What is Lead Time of ?
A: Generally, cargo could be loaded on ship in about two weeks after the date of receiving prepayment or L/C. Sometimes one week earlier or later.

Q: What’s the bulk Packing?
A: 25kg/Drum.