Edtrix 200SC Cas No.:2917-94-4zxchem group(1)

Drilling Mud Emulsifier Edtrix 200SC

  • CasNo.: 2917-94-4

  • Synonyms: Drilling Mud Emulsifier
  • Packing: 200kg PE drum

  • Origin: China

  • Chemical Properties: Check More

Appearance (20°C)Colorless to yellowish viscous liquid
Assay93% min.
Density~1.14 g/cm3
Viscosity>10000 mPa.s
Solubilitysoluble in water and alcohols
Surface tension(0.1 wt% actives)32 mN/m
Contact angle (0.1 wt% actives)54.5°
Compatibilitycompatible with anionics and amphoterics; limited compatibility with cationics
Packaging200kg PE drum