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EDTA Disodium

EDTA Disodium

  • CasNo.: 6381-92-6

  • Synonyms: EDTA 2NA

  • Packing: In 25kgs Bag

  • Qty in 20′ FCL: 20MT

  • Origin: China

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AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Assay99.5% min.
Chloride(Cl)0.01% max.
Sulfate(SO4)0.05% max.
Iron(Fe)0.001% max.
NTA0.1% max.
Lead(Pb)10ppm max.
Arsenic(As)0.1ppm max.
Chelating value265 min.
PackingIn 25kgs Kraft Bag
Storage & Shelf LifeKeep package sealed under cool and dry place. Two years after production date.


EDTA Disodium Cas No.: 6381-92-6 is tasteless and odorless milky white crystalline powder. It is soluble in water and extremely difficult to dissolve in ethanol. It is an important chelating agent that can chelate with metal ions in solution. It can prevent the discoloration, deterioration, turbidity and oxidation loss of vitamin C caused by metals, and can also improve the oxidation resistance of oils (the trace metals in oils such as iron and copper can promote the oxidation of oils). EDTA 2Na can soften hard water and reduce the oxidation of metal ions on the entire system. ZXCHEM GROUP


EDTA Disodium Cas No.: 6381-92-6 mainly used in cosmetics additives, personal care products, medicine fields, dyeing auxiliaries, fertilizers, quantitative analysis of heavy metals, etc. In cosmetics and personal care products, it is a chelating agent. The risk factor is 1, which is relatively safe and can be used with confidence. It has a stabilizing effect in cosmetics, and a mineral chelating agent, which can synergize antiseptic effects. ZXCHEM GROUP

EDTA Disodium 99% Min Crystal Powder High Quality Good Price CAS NO. 6381-92-6

EDTA Disodium manufacturer

EDTA Disodium manufacturer of China

Q:What’s the Minimum Order Quantity of EDTA ACID?
A: 1000KG

Q: How to Get Sample of Edetic acid?
A: Sample within 500g could be sent for free once buyer’s DHL account is advised for freight collect or courier cost is paid. The courier cost could be deducted when bulk order is placed.

Q: What is Lead Time of EDTA ACID?
A: Generally, cargo could be loaded on ship in about two weeks after the date of receiving prepayment or L/C. Sometimes one week earlier or later.

Q: What’s the bulk Packing of Edetic acid?
A: 180KG/plastic drum packing