Dicyandiamide-Cas No.: 461-58-5


  • CasNo.: 461-58-5

  • Synonyms: DCDA

  • Packing: In 25kg bag

  • Origin: China

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AppearanceWhite Crystal
Purity99.7% Min
Moisture0.30% Max
Ash Content0.03% Max
Melting Point209-212℃
Calcium Content200 ppm Max
Melamine Content300 ppm Max


Dicyandiamide is a nitrile derived from guanidine. It is a dimer of cyanamide, from which it can be prepared. Dicyandiamide is a colorless solid that is soluble in water, acetone, and alcohol, but not nonpolar organic solvents.


  1. The largest application field of dicyandiamide is as a synthetic component for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), inter alia for the manufacture of the type II anti-diabetes drug Metformin.
  2. 2-Cyanoguanidine is a highly reactive nitrile that is non-hazardous. Key uses of Dicyandiamide are as a curing agent for epoxy resins and as a flameproofing agent for timber and fibreglass insulation.

Dicyandiamide Cas No: 461-58-5

Q:What’s the Minimum Order Quantity of Dicyandiamide?
A: 1000KG

Q: How to Get Sample of Dicyandiamide?
A: Sample within 500g could be sent for free once buyer’s DHL account is advised for freight collect or courier cost is paid. The courier cost could be deducted when bulk order is placed.

Q: What is Lead Time of Cas No: 461-58-5?
A: Generally, cargo could be loaded on ship in about two weeks after the date of receiving prepayment or L/C. Sometimes one week earlier or later.

Q: What’s the bulk Packing of Dicyandiamide?
A:  In 25kg bag.