Dextrose Monohydrate Cas No.:5996-10-1 zxchem group

Dextrose Monohydrate

  • CasNo.: 5996-10-1

  • Synonyms:D-Glucose monohydrate

  • Packing:In 25kg kraft paper bags with P.E inner.

  • Origin: China

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AppearanceWhite or almost white, crystalline powder
SolubilityFreely soluble in water, very slightly soluble in ethanol(96%)
Appearance of SolutionThe solution is clear and not more intensely coloured than reference solution BY7
Content97.5%-102.0%(Anhydrous substance)
Related SubstancesSum of Impurities Maltose and Isomaltose≤0.4%
Impurity Maltotriose≤0.2%
Impurity Fructose≤0.15%
Unspecified Impurities≤0.10%
DextrinThe substance dissolves completely
Soluble Starch, Sulfite≤15ppm
Aerobic Plate Count≤100cfu/g
Moulds and Yeasts≤30cfu/g
Escherichia ColiNegative
PackageIn 25kg kraft paper bags with P.E inner.