Bactericide GXL


Bactericide GXL, an aqueous dipropylene glycol solution of 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one, is a broad spectrum biocide.Preservative in cooling fluids, paints, adhesives paper and in the textile industry.

Cyanuric Acid


Cyanuric Acid ICA Cas No: 108-80-5 is colorless white powder or granules, slightly soluble in water, melting point is 330 oc, ph value of saturated solution is ≥4.0. Cyanogen uric acid chloride, saline, fat; Used for formating the new-type bleaching agent, resisting oxygen pharmaceutical, paint coating, agricultural weed killer mainly, Cyaniding lose pharmaceutical slowly with metal, can used in stablizer, disinfects , decontamination, chlorine of swimming pool,; Can also be used in nylon, firing pharmaceutical and cosmetics additive,etc. directly. ZXCHEM GROUP



PCMC Cas No: 59-50-7: A security, efficient anti-mould antiseptic, It is frequently used in fields like: Personal care products, antibacterial hand soap, soap, shampoo and healthy products; Household & institutional disinfectant and cleansers, Public & hospital Hygiene; Other fields such as leather, metal machining liquid, concrete, film, glue, textile, oiled, paper, etc. ZXCHEM GROUP



2,4-Dichloro-3,5-dimethylphenol / 2,4-Dichloro-3,5-xylenol / DCMX Cas No: 133-53-9 has been frequently used as antiseptic & bactericide in fields like: Personal care products, antibacterial hand soap, soap, shampoo and healthy products; Household & institutional disinfectant and cleansers, public & hospital Hygiene; Other industrial fields such as film, glue, oiled, textile and paper making, etc. ZXCHEM GROUP



Polyamine Cas No: 42751-79-1 is liquid cationic polymer of different molecular weight which work efficiently as primary coagulants and charge neutralization agents in liquid-solid separation processes in a wide variety of industries. ZXCHEM GROUP



PolyDADMAC Cas No: 26062-79-3 used in wastewater treatment (drinking and waste-water), textiles, cosmetics, mining (coal, gold, diamonds, etc.), paper-making, soil treatment, the oil industry, etc. Widely used in drinking and waste water treatment, especially for those high-level-grimed water, can effectively concrete. ZXCHEM GROUP



BCDMH is white or off-white crystalline powder or 20g tablet , slightly dissolved in water,dissolved in chloroform,ethanol and other organic solvent,easy to decompose in strong acid or alkali, stable in dry state and having slight irritation odour.



IPBC (3-Iodo-2-Propynyl Butylcarbamate) Cas No: 55406-53-6 is a member of the carbamate family of biocides. IPBC is an effective fungicide at very low concentrations in cosmetic and other products, and has shown very low sensitivity in humans tested with this preservative. IPBC was approved in 1996 for use up to 0.1% concentrations in topical products and cosmetics. However, this preservative is mostly found in cosmetics at about one-eighth that level. ZXCHEM GROUP

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