2-Ethyl Anthraquinone


2-Ethyl anthraquinone is an organic compound with the chemical formula C16H12O2. It is derived from anthraquinone, which is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. 2-Ethyl anthraquinone has a molecular structure in which an ethyl group (C2H5) is attached to the anthraquinone molecule.



Tetrabutylurea(TBU) is mainly used as a solvent for the production of Hydrogen peroxide by anthraquinone method and as a substitute for trioctyl phosphate products. Clear and transparent liquid with slightly higher viscosity than water.



N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone is a colorless to light yellow liquid with a mild characteristic odor. Its molecular formula is C6H9NO, and its molecular weight is 111.14 g/mol. It is a water-soluble monomer that can polymerize in the presence of free radical initiators to form a range of homopolymers and copolymers. N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone is a versatile chemical that finds use in a variety of applications. It is commonly used as a reactive diluent in UV-curable coatings, inks, and adhesives, as well as in the manufacture of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and related copolymers. It is also used as a dispersant and binder in the production of ceramics, metals, and composites.



CALCIUM-SODIUM PVM-MA COPOLYMER has been widely used in many fields, such as agriculture, and fine chemical industry, due to its excellent chemical stability, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, water retention, film-forming, and non-toxic and harmless to the human body. It can also be used for the preparation and direct use of denture adhesive.

Potassium Monopersulfate Compound


Potassium Monopersulfate compound is a stable, convenient and excellent acidity oxidant being widely used in the following industries; pool and spa, water disinfection, PCB etchant, pulp bleach, wool fabric shrinkage treatment agents, and metal refining agents. Potassium Monopersulfate compound is also used in organic synthesis, such as oxidizing the double bonds of organic molecules, or as an initiator in many radical polymerizations. In addition, Potassium Monopersulfate compound can oxidize the hydrogen sulfide or sulfur containing substances in wastewater, provide oxygen in aquaculture, and bleach to remove stains at a low temperature.



PBTC is widely used as a corrosion and scale inhibitor in circulating cooling water systems and oilfield injection water systems, especially suitable for compounding with zinc salts and copolymers.



By adding PTSA Cas No: 59572-10-0 to the formulation, the fluorescent response of the tracer is proportional and graphically linear, between specific concentration ranges, to the concentration of the chemical with which the system is dosed. Measurement and monitoring PTSA concentration does not require additional chemical reactions, but instead can be directly measured using fluorometry. This method of analysis allows measurements online, in the field and in the laboratory to be expedited quickly and routinely, enabling real time product dose analysis, reduction in detection and reduction of response times. ZXCHEM GROUP

Polyaluminium Chloride


Polyaluminium Chloride PAC Cas No: 1327-41-9 After purification, the water quality is better than that of aluminum sulphate flocculating agent, water purification cost is low 15-30% compared with aluminum sulphate. Fast flocculation body formation, fast sedimentation speed, processing capacity bigger than aluminum sulfate and other traditional products. Alkalinity of the water consumption below all kinds of inorganic flocculant, so we cannot input or less alkali agent. To adapt to the source water PH5.0-9.0 range can be condensed. Little Corrosive, good operating conditions. Solubility is better than that of aluminum sulfate. Less water saltier, in favor of ion exchange process and high purity water. The source of water temperature adaptability is better than that of aluminum sulfate and other inorganic flocculant. ZXCHEM GROUP

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