AcetylAcetone Cas No: 123-54-6 mainly used for the synthesis of Sulfamethoxazolee SMZ, antiviral agent WIN51711, Diabetic drug AD-58, veterinary drugs, mequindox and feed additives; as metal chelator used in the manufacture of cellulose acetate and polypropylene in the plastics industry, paint desiccant, intermediate for the manufacture of lubricants, Acetylacetone Body, with most lubricants, resin bridging agents, accelerators, etc. It can also be used as a cellulose acetate solvent, an additive for gasoline and lubricating oil, a desiccant for paints and varnishes, a bactericide, an insecticide, and the like. ZXCHEM GROUP

Colloidal Silica Sol


Colloidal Silica Sol the high-purity silica sol refers to a silica sol having a low metal content, a high uniform distribution, and good stability. Colloidal silica sol is mainly used in the semiconductor polishing industry, but also in catalyst carriers, coatings, cosmetics, food clarifiers and other industries. ZXCHEM GROUP



2,2'-Dipyridyl / cas: 366-18-7 Use as a redox indicator and analytical reagent. Use for organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates.Use organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates. Chemical copper plating additive, combined with potassium ferrocyanide, can effectively control the copper deposition rate, to avoid the formation of copper oxide. ZXCHEM GROUP

Calcium Stearate Emulsion


Calcium Stearate Emulsion is a kind of coating lubricant. It can be applied in various kinds of coating system as wet coating lubricant to reduce the friction caused by the mutual movement of components. By using it, the fluidity of the coating can be improved, and the operating performance of the coating can be improved. Improve the quality of the coated paper, eliminate the fine dust produced by the coated paper during the operation of the super calender, and reduce the shortcomings of cracks or crusts when the coated paper is folded. ZXCHEM GROUP



By adding PTSA Cas No: 59572-10-0 to the formulation, the fluorescent response of the tracer is proportional and graphically linear, between specific concentration ranges, to the concentration of the chemical with which the system is dosed. Measurement and monitoring PTSA concentration does not require additional chemical reactions, but instead can be directly measured using fluorometry. This method of analysis allows measurements online, in the field and in the laboratory to be expedited quickly and routinely, enabling real time product dose analysis, reduction in detection and reduction of response times. ZXCHEM GROUP

glyoxal 40%


Glyoxal 40% Cas No: 107-22-2 is the simplest dual aldehyde, the molecular formula is OHCCHO and the molecular weight is 58. Pure glyoxal monomer is achromatic or light yellow crystal or liquid, with a proportion (d20 °C ) 1.26, melting points 15°C , boiling point 50.5 °C and refractive index 1.3826. The glyoxal steam is green, when burning, it sends out purple flame. Glyoxal can dissolve in water, aether and ethaol. Industrial glyoxal usually exists in watery solution by about 40% water content. Besides the reaction nature of all the aldehyde, glyoxal has special chemical property for its two coordinate functional groups. The reaction of glyoxal watery solution is same with that of the single molecular glyoxal. ZXCHEM GROUP

Benzyl Benzoate


Benzyl Benzoate Cas No: 120-51-4 has high boiling point, low volatility, soluble in organic solvents, the only solvent of musk, relative stability, all these characteristics make benzyl benzoate widely used in pharmacy and perfume industries. Benzyl benzoate can be used to lead agent, leveling agent and repair agent of textile auxiliaries. ZXCHEM GROUP

Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate


Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate Cas No: 7784-13-6 Used in Friedel-Crafts type reactions; in cracking of petroleum; in manufacture of rubbers, lubricants. The hexahydrate form used in preserving wood; disinfecting stables, slaughterhouses, deodorants and antiperspirant preparations; refining crude oil; dyeing fabrics; manufacture of parchment paper. ZXCHEM GROUP

Aluminium Sulphate


Aluminium Sulphate Cas No: 10043-01-3 White granular or powder. For drinking water and industrial water treatment, advanced paper, advanced titanium white manufacturing, etc. ZXCHEM GROUP

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