2-Ethylhexanol is a clear, colorless to pale yellow oily liquid. It has a mild, oily, sweet, slightly floral odor reminiscent of rose and sweet, fatty-floral taste with a fruity note. Soluble in 720 times water, miscible in most organic solvents.

Edtrix 200SC


Edtrix 200SC is a highly concentrated anionic surfactant. The heat stable product has excellent emulsifying and dispersing ability, which makes it a preferred emulsifier/dispersing agent in o/w systems and dispersant in various applications.

Emulsifier SP-1306F


Emulsifier SP-1306F is an emulsifier for different applications. It is resistant to high level of electrolytes. It can be used standalone or in combination with other emulsifiers.

Tetraethyl Lead


TEL (Tetraethyl lead) is added to gasoline as an additive to increase the octane number of the fuel to prevent knock in the engine, so that higher compression ratios can be used to improve the efficiency and power of engines. And extend the life of each part. It is now used in aviation gasoline to prevent knock.

Trideceth-6 Phosphate


Trideceth-6 Phosphate are clear to pale yellow liquids used as surfactants and emulsifiers in personal care and industrial products. They lower surface tension and stabilize mixtures of oil and water. They are considered safe when used in accordance with guidelines.



Cyclohexylamine is a cyclic amine with the chemical formula C6H13N. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a strong odor and is soluble in water and alcohol. It is commonly used as a building block in the manufacture of various chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, rubber additives, and pesticides.

Nickel(II) Oxide


Nickel(II) oxide is a chemical compound with the formula NiO. It is a black, odorless, and insoluble solid that is composed of nickel cations and oxide anions.Nickel(II) oxide is a highly stable compound that is resistant to high temperatures and oxidation.

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