Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite


Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite Cas No: 870-72-4 PN is the most excellent high-temperature carrier among acid copper brighteners. It is suitable for electroplating of complex workpieces and can be used within the range of 15-45°C. It is suitable for hardware acid copper plating, circuit board copper plating, hard copper electroplating and other processes. Consumption: 0.5-1g/KAH. Electroplating: It can effectively complex dissimilar metal ions such as copper, zinc and lead, and co-deposit with nickel ions. Medicine: used in the production of intermediates for medicine isoniazid sodium sulfonate, neoarsovaramine, cancer enemy, etc. Water treatment: used as an intermediate for water scale inhibitor. Others: It is also used as a fixing agent for protein fragrance, a floating detergent for lead-zinc ore and a color photo assistant (anti-pollution and fading), cotton printing industry. ZXCHEM GROUP



N,N-Diethyl-2-Propyne Ammonium Sulfate TC-DEP CasNo.: 84779-61-3 is acidified from high-purity DEP with sulfuric acid at low temperature. It can make the coating delicate and plump.



PPSOH CasNo.: 3918-73-8 is used to formulate brightener additives used in the electroplating industry. It is used as a strong leveling agent in high and middle current density nickel baths at a concentration of 25-250ml/L.

Diethylaminopropyne Formate


PABS CasNo.: 125678-52-6 is acidified from DEP with formic acid, to make the coating delicate fullness. High-purity DEP is acidified by low-temperature formic acid to ensure the purity of PABS, which has strong leveling, good t hrowing, and no bluing, etc.

Butynediol Propoxylate


BMP Cas 1606-79-7 is produced by high-pressure method, and the decolorization adopts physical methods to reduce the damage to the effective ingredients by chemical decolorization. BMP has the characteristics of light color, wear resistance, and strong leveling. If it is left for too long, the color will become darker. It will become lighter when a small amount of alkali added.BMP can refine crystalline coating, to produce a certain raven effect on the coating

Butynediol Ethoxylate


Butynediol Ethoxylate BEO CasNo.: 1606-85-5 is produced by high-pressure method, and the decolorization adopts physical methods to reduce the damage to the effective ingredients by chemical decolorization. BEO can make the coating crystal refinement

Potassium Monopersulfate Compound


Potassium Monopersulfate compound CasNo.: 70693-62-8 is a free flowing, white granular soluble in water (20℃, 256 g/L). The composition of Potassium Monopersulfate compound includes Potassium Hydrogen Peroxymonosulfate (KHSO5), Potassium Bisulfate(KHSO4) and Potassium Sulfate(K2SO4). Potassium Monopersulfate compound has relatively high oxidation reduction potential. Therefore, it is a highly effective oxidant and disinfectant.



Dibenzenesulfonamide BBI CasNo.: 2618-96-4 is used as primary brightener in the nickel bath at a concentration of 50-500ml/L. Compared with saccharin (partial replacement of saccharin), it has better leveling ability and less consumption.ZXCHEM

Thiosalicylic Acid


Thiosalicylic acid CasNo.: 147-93-3 is an organosulfur compound containing carboxyl and sulfhydryl functional groups. Its molecular formula is C6H4(SH)(CO2H). it is a yellow solid that is slightly soluble in water, ethanol and diethyl ether, and alkanes, but more soluble in DMSO.

Nickel Carbonate


Nickel carbonate CasNo.: 3333-67-3 is used as an electroplating brightening agent and a curing agent. It is used as a polymer adhesive enhancers, plasticizers for plasticized and modified of polyamide, epoxy resin, phenolic resin. It is designed for manufacturing of photography, pharmaceutical, electroplating industry, can be used as photo-reducing agent.