Company News

308, 2021

Zxchem Group’s Second Badminton Competition

8月 3rd, 2021|Company News|

Zxchem Group's Second Badminton Competition Zxchem Group's Second Badminton Competition was held on July 30 under the organization of the company's comprehensive department. This event is intended to enrich employees' amateur cultural life, enhance communication and understanding among employees, and call on everyone to work healthily and live happily.

1206, 2021

We wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

6月 12th, 2021|Company News|

We wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Unknowingly, the Father's Day and the Dragon Boat Festival both knocked on the door of ZXCHEM GROUP. Our group specially selected delicious Zhongzi for each employee. At the same time, we also sent a exquisite gift of gratitude to selfless father.

2804, 2021

2021 Moganshan & Wenchang Activity of ZXCHEM

4月 28th, 2021|Company News|

Feeling like being in heaven, getting empressement of each other Moganshan: In the eyes of many people, the Mogan Mountain is a pure land. Settling the soul in the mountains and wandering thoughts are what the majority of urbanites dream of; as the saying goes, in the idle

2201, 2021

ZXCHEM Annual Conference Of 2020

1月 22nd, 2021|Company News|

2020 was a challenging year for many companys,zxchem sales have hit a new record.This couldn't have been achieved without the amazing zxchem team.we should say thank you to all of the staffs. ZXCHEM Annual Conference

Industry News

811, 2021

Zxchem’s E-commerce Operations Department was Established – Starting “Two-Way Drive”

11月 8th, 2021|Market News|

Zxchem's E-commerce Operations Department was Established - Starting "Two-Way Drive" Zammex Zxchem's E-commerce Operation Department was formally established to help expand the online sales channels of North American Collagen series products, and also take an important step towards the realization of Zxchem's "Two-Way Drive"! The newly

1410, 2021

Collagen vs Collagen Peptides: What’s the Difference?

10月 14th, 2021|Market News|

Collagen vs Collagen Peptides: What's the Difference? For collagen and collagen peptides that belong to the same protein, collagen is a macromolecular fibrous hard protein, but collagen peptide is a small molecule polypeptide formed after collagen is treated with artificial protease. This is why collagen and collagen peptides