Feeling like being in heaven, getting empressement of each other


In the eyes of many people, the Mogan Mountain is a pure land. Settling the soul in the mountains and wandering thoughts are what the majority of urbanites dream of; as the saying goes, in the idle courtyard, chatting and laughing freely, at the end of the hustle and bustle, quietly watching the prosperity and dancing. This Shanghai-Hangzhou back garden has never lacked the beauty of mountains and rivers, and the beauty of the bamboo sea in the countryside when it comes to scenery.

On the special day of April 25th, Hainan Zhongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., especially all the employees in Shanghai and Hainan, had a two-day group building leisure activity. In this process, they felt relief and enhanced their friendship.

The Hainan colleague went to Wenchang, and the other associate of Shanghai went to Moganshan.

After the bus arrived at the destination, the natural scenery around the homestay immediately caught everyone’s attention. The gurgling stream and the gentle breeze relieved everyone’s fatigue from the bumps along the way.

“Shenghua·Xiyin” is an exquisite homestay that makes us extremely relaxed. It blends retro, natural and garden elements in modern design into the green of Mogan Mountain.

The misty rain of Mogan Mountain is vividly reflected after the rain, the breeze and simple breath of the mountains are blowing, and the fresh and moist air is refreshing. Standing quietly and overlooking the mountains, the green bamboos make individuals intoxicated.

After greeting the nature cordially, everyone stayed at the homestay to prepare for the barbecue. The delicious barbecue ignited the enthusiasm of colleagues and turned each other’s commitment into sharing.

My dreams have been accompanied by the murmur of night rain, and the next day I was slowly awakened by the birdsong in the bamboo forest instead of the annoying alarm clock. I gently opened the curtains and the mist was covered with veil in the distance. Mountain forest.

A brand new day starts with a hearty breakfast. Walk around the ancient village where the homestay is located, feel the breath of the wind, the rhythm of the bamboo, listen to the sound of dew falling from the leaves, and soothe the increasingly impetuous heart in the busy life.

The two days passed in a flash, and I reluctant to parte. But parting is the best start again. The first team building activity in 2021 ended successfully. Everyone put their enthusiasm into the follow-up work plan, and work hard for a better future.