Zxchem’s E-commerce Operations Department was Established – Starting “Two-Way Drive”


Zxchem’s E-commerce Operation Department was formally established to help expand the online sales channels of North American Collagen series products, and also take an important step towards the realization of Zxchem’s “Two-Way Drive”!

The newly established E-commerce Operation Department mainly operated Zammex’s online business on Amazon International Station in the early stage. The diversified protein series products, including Zammex and Hydropea brands, complement Zxchem’s resource advantages from raw materials to production and processing to export, creating a “Two-Way Drive” industrial chain of Health and Nutrition products.

Who are we? Zammex origin story

Zammex Nutrition takes “Make Health Simple” as its development vision. Over the years, they have provided high-quality raw materials for sports nutrition and health care brands. With a keen sense of the market, the founders of Zammex have been trying to extend the industry chain downward and have captured the opportunity to realize this vision.

One of the pillars supporting Zammex is “Purity” Pure, high-quality ingredients, nothing else. The earth itself provides mankind with everything needed to achieve optimal health. Whether from plants or animals, all Zammex products come from the good of the earth. The origin of every product begins with nature.

Zammex Nutrition believes that functional ingredients have an overall impact on a person’s health. This means that we not only provide you with more than a dozen different products with a single advantage, and support you to become better in all aspects of life.

In a constantly changing world, our commitment to customers will never change. We will always abide by the promise of purity and simplicity and health, continue to provide our customers with the best nature experience, listen to customer stories and continue to promote our innovative ideas.

E-commerce Operation Team

Amazon is the most mainstream and most traffic e-commerce platform in cross-border e-commerce. The establishment of the new department has also strengthened the development of Zxchem’s business, laying a certain foundation for the expansion of stores and the promotion of Alibaba stores in the future.

Zammex Nutrition understands that every customer chooses to start taking dietary supplements in search of self-improvement. Generally speaking, we all want to improve our overall health and rely on dietary supplements to solve problems. In order to guide you through your journey of self-improvement, Zammex Nutrition provides services with some of the best professionals in the field. Our “Lifestyle Team” not only has a series of certifications, but also has a real experience of using our dietary supplements.