Company Spring Outing | Met New Frisbee Friends In Chongming

In the midst of hectic workdays, one often finds oneself seated at the office desk, yearning for the scenic view beyond the window, imagining a retreat into nature to shed the burdens of anxiety and worry. To address this, ZXCHEM has launched the “Urban Escape Initiative.” This program encourages employees to temporarily set aside their day-to-day tasks and immerse themselves in outdoor activities, embracing the refreshing break from routine to rejuvenate and reconnect with the environment.

Transitioning from the concrete jungle to the lush fields of late spring and early summer, we embraced our team-building event with an exhilarating frisbee tournament. This competition was more than just a test of physical endurance and strategic thinking; it also served as a platform to strengthen bonds among colleagues. As we chased the flying discs across the vibrant green expanse, camaraderie developed with each throw and catch, deepening relationships and fostering a sense of unity within the team.

Frisbee embodies the essence of vitality, as players sprint with all their might to defend and intercept each attack. This vigorous activity is not just about competition; it’s a celebration of teamwork, fostering a profound sense of community among participants. As we engage in this sport, the anxiety and internal strife often associated with work dissolve into the background. Each leap and catch releases built-up stress, allowing us to experience the liberating joy that comes from collective effort and physical exertion.

Frisbee Rules

  • Game Objective: Catch the frisbee within the opponent’s scoring zone. Each successful catch scores a point.
  • Movement and Passing: The player holding the disc is not allowed to run and must remain stationary at the spot where the frisbee was caught.
  • Changing Possession: Possession shifts to the opposing team if a pass fails, the frisbee touches the ground, is intercepted by an opponent, or flies out of bounds.