Isolating the Virus, But not Love

The sun hard sow warm. The clouds want to taste sweet candy. The giraffe wanted to see the beautiful scenery but the neck was not long enough. Like you because too memorable.

The stars are very bright spread all over the sky. The merry-go-round is galloping excitedly. And the children strive to become what they want.

COVID has disrupted the pace of people’s lives and changed some of their usual practices. This year’s Children’s Day is bound to be special and different from previous years.

ZXCHEM GROUP development cannot leave the selfless dedication of the staffs and workers families, children in silence to pay. In order to further improve staff cohesion and centripetal force, and to all the staff, which has been selfless dedication to express our heartfelt thanks, for all the staff of children prepared a special children’s day gift, hope children can be childlike innocence forever, always happy ~