Happy Lantern Festival with Cohesion

Enjoy and Celebrate the Lantern Festival The Spring breeze of February blows the earth, and everything shows a scene of revival. On the Lantern Festival, in order to enhance the festive atmosphere and enrich the cultural life of enterprises, ZXCHEM General Department organized a fun activity for Shanghai and Hainan to "Enjoy and

2022-02-16T13:55:43+08:002月 16th, 2022|Company News, News|

Natural Products Expo West 2022

The countdown to Expo West 2022 is on! The industry event you know will be back in Anaheim March 10-12, 2022! Come visit us at Natural Products Expo West to learn more about our Products. Booth No: Hall D 3727 Location and Dates Anaheim Convention Center 800 West Katella Avenue Anaheim, CA

2022-02-11T15:22:11+08:002月 11th, 2022|Company News|

All World Laughter Gathers Here

2021 Year End Summary Meeting of ZXCHEM Minutes of the Meeting On January 14, the Year End Summary Meeting of ZXCHEM was held in the company's large conference room, and all employees of the company participated in the meeting. The general managers of the company, respectively made speeches on the work summary of

2022-01-20T10:03:29+08:001月 20th, 2022|Company News|

Zxchem Group’s Second Badminton Competition

Zxchem Group's Second Badminton Competition Zxchem Group's Second Badminton Competition was held on July 30 under the organization of the company's comprehensive department. This event is intended to enrich employees' amateur cultural life, enhance communication and understanding among employees, and call on everyone to work healthily and live happily. There were three sports

2021-08-03T13:38:31+08:008月 3rd, 2021|Company News|

We wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

We wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Unknowingly, the Father's Day and the Dragon Boat Festival both knocked on the door of ZXCHEM GROUP. Our group specially selected delicious Zhongzi for each employee. At the same time, we also sent a exquisite gift of gratitude to selfless father. Live up to the little

2021-06-17T14:47:49+08:006月 12th, 2021|Company News|

2021 Moganshan & Wenchang Activity of ZXCHEM

Feeling like being in heaven, getting empressement of each other Moganshan: In the eyes of many people, the Mogan Mountain is a pure land. Settling the soul in the mountains and wandering thoughts are what the majority of urbanites dream of; as the saying goes, in the idle courtyard, chatting and laughing freely,

2021-04-28T16:31:53+08:004月 28th, 2021|Company News|

The First ZXCHEM Cup Football Match Was Successfully Held

On October 23, we hosted the first ZXCHEM Cup football Match in the Shanghai Stadium, in which three companies from ZXCHEM GROUP took part. The fierce and charming football game is not only a platform for employees to compete and show their elegant demeanor, but also a platform to promote intra-group communication and cultivate

2022-02-22T17:25:21+08:009月 25th, 2020|Company News|

The 25th Anniversary of ZXCHEM

When the footsteps of history pass through today's venue, this moment is enough to stir the memories of all zxchem people for 25 years! For 25 years, for zxchem people, there has been too much emotion and hard work. It is because of everyone's unity and hard work that zxchem will thrive and continue

2021-02-26T11:21:53+08:008月 25th, 2020|Company News|

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