2021 Year End Summary Meeting of ZXCHEM

Minutes of the Meeting

On January 14, the Year End Summary Meeting of ZXCHEM was held in the company’s large conference room, and all employees of the company participated in the meeting.

The general managers of the company, respectively made speeches on the work summary of the whole year in 2021, reviewed the project progress and planning of the three major sectors, and put forward the key progress of each project and new guidance and requirements for the project.

Mr. Cao of the company group gave a speech. He led us to recall the history of ZXCHEM struggle, especially the struggle after coming to Shanghai. He encouraged everyone and advocated that ZXCHEM people must have the spirit of enduring hardships and strive for progress. It affirms the stability and cohesion of the ZXCHEM team and the pace of ZXCHEM’s historical development, self-reliance, down-to-earth fighting spirit, and ZXCHEM’s excellent inheritance and foundation.

Mr. Cao analyzed the domestic and international situation, which gave us a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges. Now that the epidemic situation is normalized, the economic situation in 2022 will not be optimistic. To encourage ZXCHEM business, it is man-made to move forward steadily. ZXCHEM is not fighting alone. With the vigorous development of two brother companies and the guarantee and support of the Group, it will definitely be able to do better in 2022!

At the end of the meeting, Director Cao presented awards to the outstanding employees of the company and the old employees who have worked for ten years. In the past year, they have always insisted that there is no best, only a better work spirit, and silently contributed to the development of CITIC in their jobs. Work hard and realize self-worth in work.

After the award ceremony, the upcoming ChongMing Activities will be the focus of attention.

We are also ready to go, can not resist the joy of family reunion.

Friends who have passed the test should unite them tightly around you.
All around is the support of love than we taste happiness.

The stars are beautiful because of a flower that cannot be seen.
And we spend together than fireworks will be open.

The grass is bearing its seeds and the wind is shaking its leaves.
It’s nice even we stand and don’t talk.

Live carefully and you will find the candy that life hides.

It’s just the right time to see you happy and feel happy together.What makes life so beautiful is the sincerity and childlike innocence that we hide.

It’s a joy measured in years.
This year, next year, and year after year.
When we’re together, anything is possible!