Zxchem Group’s Second Badminton Competition

Zxchem Group’s Second Badminton Competition was held on July 30 under the organization of the company’s comprehensive department. This event is intended to enrich employees’ amateur cultural life, enhance communication and understanding among employees, and call on everyone to work healthily and live happily.

There were three sports event including Women’s Singles Competition, Men’s Singles Competition and Mixed Doubles Competition. Everyone participated in them. On the field, the athletes in light sportswear were full of energy and passion. All the athletes gave full play to their tenacious and “Fighting Together” sportsmanship. The cheers of the audience kept coming, which bringing immersive enjoyment.

After fierce competition, everyone reaped friendship, health and happiness, Athletes came back with a heavy handful of certificates and prizes.

The whole competition was compact, orderly, and exciting, that fully demonstrating the good spirit of our company’s employees who are positive, hardworking and continuous improvement.