2021 Parent & Child Interactive in Sun Island of Zxchem

The most important thing we learn in school is that the most important thing cannot be learned in school.

The sky was clear that day, like a piece of blue paper, and a few thin white clouds, as if the sun had melted and the wind slowly passed by.

Zxchem>>Places of Shanghai and Hainan held special celebrations for the babies to celebrate their thriving growth and their marching on the waves.

It’s better to chase the wind when the wind comes. They have been chasing dreams for 360 days. Let’s chase the wind with mom and dad right now.

Say goodbye to the scorching sun in July and the showers in August, the start of school in September is finally here.

「Don’t tell anyone, okay? In the corner of the courtyard in the early morning, the flower quietly shed tears. If this matter is said to be out, it will spread to the ears of the bees, it will fly back to return the honey as if it had done something wrong.」

The breeze was blowing on us, and the sun took out the beards from the clouds for the grass and the children, and made us move.

At the beginning of the story, we were children with angelic faces, childish and innocent waves. In my heart, there are many dreamy paintings. They are colorful, beautiful and sunny. Then we gradually growing up.

The sun shines in the sky, the flowers smile to me.

Little bird said early, and why did you carry the small schoolbag on your back.

School started in the blink of an eye, if I knew that I wouldn’t blink.

In childhood, the sun was much hotter, the grass was much more luxuriant, the rain was much heavier, the sky was much darker, and I thought everyone was very interesting.

The milk juice is put in the refrigerator. Why does it become cold and icy? I put my dreams in the refrigerator. Can I use it when I grow up?

The days of childhood were warm and sluggish, just like the sun shining on the pink fleece of old cotton shoes.

The night sky of my childhood was full of stars, orange lights immersed in the darkness, and fireflies flying around my knees.

I hope that every moment is as beautiful as colored crayons.

I hope I can draw on the beloved white paper, draw clumsy freedom, and draw an eye that never sheds tears.

My eyes are so big that I can put down the mountains and the sea. My eyes are very small, and I can’t even hold two lines of tears if I am in trouble.

I run with wind, just like the way I hold a gun is also cool.

Dad said, “You can only be happy with me, nothing else.”

The forest road pacing, tiredness can not affect the good mood.

During the sweaty weekend, he can feel it every day when we spends time with the children.

Your occasional childishness is the purest background of youth.

Who is not a cute youngster yet!

I think that although there is no best encounter in this world, there should be the best effort to meet or reunite.

I was in the street that day, strolling in the rain under the background of autumn.

In addition to poetry and distance, life also has barbecue and fragrance.

If you care about your weight, you are too sorry for the food.

Childhood is precious, and childhood happiness is not expensive. Your little lives are big events worth recording. Wish all Zxchem babies can grow up healthily and vigorously~

When school started, the child walked into the gate of the campus, when he turned his head three times, I didn’t know whether it was for me or the vacation, reluctant to give up, I wiped away my tears, smiled encouragingly, and watched him drift away. , I understand that he will grow up eventually. He has gone far, his vision is out of sight, I, turned my head with laughing out loud, the beast is back! Good days are coming again~~!